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  • Almaty, Kazakhstan - 11 - 13 July


Commission for the Education of the Professional Musician (CEPROM) Pre-Conference Seminar
The Musician’s Career Lifespan
11-13 July 2018
Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory in Almaty, Kazakhstan

The aim of the 33rd ISME World Conference 2018 is to foster global understanding and cooperation among the world's music educators, by strengthening ties and sharing ideas about different aspects and issues within music education, in ways that promote music education for people of all ages throughout the world.

Music is an essential part of the human condition. For people of all ages, music plays an important and impactful role in their life experiences. Whether for leisure, livelihood, escape, or survival music helps many of us make sense of who we are and where we are going. The theme for the 2018 ISME world conference is Life’s Journey Through Music. This theme reflects the lifelong learning, lifespan development and life changing nature of music in people’s lives around the world. In Baku we will explore, interrogate, and perform ideas related to music as an integral component of the world we inhabit today and our hope for the future.

In keeping with the theme of the 2018 ISME World Conference, the 22nd International Pre-Conference Seminar of CEPROM seeks to explore how musicians make and experience music throughout their lives, acknowledging that perspectives, needs and goals change across the professional lifespan. By meeting in Kazakhstan, we hope to consider broad cultural viewpoints. In training students to become musicians and music educators, relatively little attention is given to the management of a career throughout its entire trajectory. During the CEPROM Seminar, we will explore issues related to sustaining a musical career across a lifetime and how we might prepare young musicians to deal with these important matters. We encourage submission of papers, posters and performed research on matters pertaining to the Musician’s Career Lifespan. Topics might include:

  • Characteristics and negotiation of work across the career lifespan
    • Sustaining a performing career
    • Planning for changes when a performing career can no longer be maintained
    • Effectively managing a portfolio career when the family-work balance changes in different stages of life
    • Dealing with issues of relevance, identity and job satisfaction at different life stages and through career shifts
    • Responding to changes in the music industry, including technology and unforeseen transformations
  • Wellness and wellbeing
    • Issues of health across the lifespan
    • The effect of expected physical changes upon musical careers
    • Fulfillment in mature-career and post-career musicians
  • Ageing and the musician
    • Financial preparation for retirement
    • Emotional preparation for retirement

The online submission system must be used for Commission Seminar and World Conference submissions. This system will be available to ISME members through the ISME conference website which will link with the members' website to check membership. (If electronic submission is impossible, please contact the ISME International Office by September 30, 2017.)
•   All submissions and presentations must be in English.
•   Every presenter or co-presenter must be an individual ISME member at the time of submission, at the time of acceptance and at the time of presenting.
•   To be included in the published program, individuals must be registered on the Submission System. This includes co-presenters, panelists, and speakers on symposia. Any exceptions must be requested in advance of the submission.
•   All Full Papers must be in the format of the Guidelines for Authors. Submissions that are not presented in the required formats will not be considered.

The deadline for submissions to the 33rd ISME World Conference and pre-conference seminars is midnight (your time), December 15, 2017. Late submissions will not be accepted. Applicants will be notified of the results of the review process for presentations on or before February 1st, 2018.

Successful applicants must confirm participation as presenters, by registering as a delegate for the pre-conference seminar no later than May 15, 2018. Should successful applicants not comply with this requirement, their submission may be withdrawn from the program.

1. Full Papers
2. Posters
3. Performed Research


For the Commission Pre-Conference Seminar, full papers must be submitted. Abstract-only submissions will not be considered.

Full Papers: Submissions with text between 1,800 and 3,000 words in length are required. No more than a total of two (2) tables and/or figures may be included. These papers must include an Abstract (400 words) for publication with the paper and follow APA style. All Full Paper submissions must also conform to the Guidelines for Authors provided on the submission website. All papers will be fully (double-blind) refereed, and those chosen for inclusion in the seminar will be published in the 22nd CEPROM International Pre-Conference Seminar Proceedings, a draft copy of which will be distributed before the seminar meeting for all delegates to read beforehand. Additionally, authors of full-papers will be invited to present their work as posters at the main ISME conference.

During the Seminar, delegates will explore each paper for 30 minutes. Rather than reading the paper, authors will provide a 10-minute summary presentation (as delegates will have read the full paper beforehand). Where appropriate, this presentation may include a musical performance. Two pre-determined delegates will be allocated 5 minutes each to respond to the paper. The author(s) may address respondent and audience questions during the final 10 minutes.

Full-paper submissions that are not accepted for presentation as spoken papers at the Seminar may be eligible and will be considered for presentation as Posters as the seminar meeting. This is not to be confused with the poster presentation at the main ISME conference mentioned above. Additionally, submissions for poster presentations at the Seminar will be accepted. Abstracts of 400 words should be submitted for Poster consideration. Authors of accepted Posters are invited to bring with them a Poster to display during the Seminar. Poster specifications (size, format, etc.) will be provided upon acceptance. Titles of the Poster will appear in the Seminar Program and the Abstracts will be printed in the Commission Proceedings. Posters will be grouped into sessions that have designated timeslots during the Seminar.

For research deemed to benefit from a live musical performance as a mode of presentation, the seminar can accept up to two such submissions. A full-paper submission is still required but during the presentation, up to 10 minutes will be allocated for a musical performance to illustrate and briefly explain the research ideas or findings explicated in the full paper. This is not the usual kind of lecture-recital but an alternative mode of presenting research. There will still be two respondents assigned for this presentation followed by open discussion involving the audience.

The Commission usually only accepts one submission. Full paper presenters at the Pre-conference Seminar are invited to present their paper as a Poster at the World Conference in Baku. Because Seminar presentations will be reviewed by the Commission for inclusion in the Seminar, presenters will not go through review again by the World Conference committee, but will be taken on recommendation of the Commission Chair for the Poster Session.


COPYRIGHT (Full Paper submissions only)
At the time of a Full Paper submission, presenters must indicate agreement with the following copyright conditions:

Copyright Agreement:
I hereby assign to the International Society for Music Education (ISME), copyright of the Full Paper I am now submitting for use by the Society in all formats and through any medium of communication if it is accepted for Publication in the refereed Pre-conference Seminar Proceedings.

•   I understand that the Full Paper I am submitting will be refereed for possible inclusion in the Pre-conference Seminar Proceedings and that it may also appear on the ISME web site.
•   I confirm that the Full Paper is original and has not been published previously nor is currently under consideration elsewhere, that I have obtained all necessary permissions for the reproduction of content not owned by me (e.g., illustrations, photographs, charts, and other visual material, etc.) not owned by me, and that the Contribution contains no unlawful statements and does not infringe any rights of others.
•   I understand that I will retain copyright of the original submission for purposes of duplicating the article, placing it on my personal and institutional websites, etc., but will give ISME the first and exclusive rights to publish the ISME-formatted and edited version in print or online in ISME Conference or Commission Pre-conference Seminar Proceedings and/or journals.
•   I understand that if my Full Paper is not selected for publication in the Pre-conference Seminar Proceedings, then upon such notification the copyright will revert back me (the author).

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ISME 2018 - 33rd World Conference of International Society for Music Education / 15-20 July 2018 / Baku / Azerbaijan