Early Childhood Commission

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33nd ISME World Conference
& Commission Seminars

18th Early Childhood Music Education (ECME) Commission International Seminar
Sunday 8th – Friday 13th, July 2018,
Shefa’Amr, Israel


  Early Bird
(untill April 30)
(After May 1st)
Presenters 250 USD 350 USD
Delegates 300 USD 350 USD



The Golden Crowne Hotel in Nazareth   

Single per person per night $112 USD with breakfast; 
Double per person per night $60 USD with breakfast 
Contact: amer@beit-almusica.org  

Gala Dinner:  $55

Two options:

$55 Sea of Galilee, a leisurely afternoon near the water 
$45 visit to Akko, one of the oldest cities in the world in the northern coastal plain region of the Northern DistrictIsrael at the northern extremity of Haifa Bay

Seminar theme: Young children’s musical journeys

This 18th ECME Seminar will focus on the musical journeys of young children: journeys within their first eight years of life, journeys within educational settings, familial journeys and journeys through and within musical cultures. Examples of research and practice  from many  parts  of  the  world, aimed at describing, celebrating, nurturing, and critically discussing those musical journeys, will be shared through keynote speaker, round table, paper presentations, workshops, symposia, and posters.

The 18th ECME seminar will be held in Shefa’Amr, Israel, and will be hosted by Beit Almusica. We invite practitioners and researchers interested in the musical lives of young children from birth to 8 years of age to submit their work for presentation.

The ECME seminar, along with other ISME commission seminars, precede the ISME World Conference in Baku. ECME seminar participants are encouraged to travel to Baku to attend the World Conference. There will be an Early Childhood strand at this conference and the chance to meet many more music education colleagues from around the world.  

All ECME presenters must be a current member of ISME at the time of submission and during the seminar. All presenters are expected to attend the entire seminar. Any special circumstances that prevent attendance for the entire week must be discussed with the commission chair prior to the seminar. All authors/presenters of accepted submissions should complete their registration by March 31st, 2018 (Early Bird registration date).

All submissions will be subject to a blind review process completed by the ECME commissioners.  

1. Spoken Papers (empirical, theoretical or practice)
2. Posters
3. Workshops
4. Symposia

Consistent with the ECME tradition, the seminar will also include song sharing, concerts, touring  and many opportunities to participate in critical dialogue and collegial exchange with colleagues from all over the world.

We invite submissions on either research or models of practice in early childhood music education. Each presenter will be allocated 40 minutes, consisting of 25 minutes for the presentation and 10-  15 minutes for questions and discussion.  

We invite submissions that report on results of research, research in progress, models of practice, and new ideas in early childhood music education in a poster format. At an introductory poster session, poster presenters will have three minutes to speak about their poster, presenting a brief overview using one PowerPoint slide. Participants will then have opportunities  during  poster display sessions to visit and discuss posters with presenters.  

We invite submissions for workshop leaders to share ideas for working with children based on established theory, research, or models of practice. Presenters will be allotted 1 hour (50 minutes for the workshop and 10 minutes for discussion and questions).  

We invite symposia papers consisting of a set of 3 to 4 spoken papers linked to the ECME seminar theme. A symposium may be proposed by a group of presenters, or by the ECME commissioners after the review process. Symposia will be allotted 60 to 90 minutes and consist of presentations and discussion. The exact format will be decided by agreement between the symposium convenor and the ECME commissioners, prior to the seminar.


Abstract submissions of a minimum of 500 and a maximum of 1000 words in length (without references) are required for all paper submissions. 

Research papers should include:
1. Background
2. Aims
3. Method 4. Results
5. Conclusions
6. Literature/ references

Theoretical/review papers should include:
1. Background
2. Aims
3. Main Contribution 4. Implications
5. Literature/ references

Practice papers should include: 
1. Theoretical background and content
2. Age and characteristics of participants (number of children, ages); kind of school (nursery, kindergarten, primary school, music school) or community (communities, childcare cent ers, family, other); time and place.
3. Aims of the practice
4. Method or pedagogical approach 5. Activities 
6. Outcomes
7. Reflections and implications for future work 8. Literature/references

An Abstract of 400 words (without references) should include information about aims, rationale or background, methodology and results (if research), general information and implications. Poster specifications (size, format, etc.) will be provided upon acceptance. Titles and abstracts for the Poster Session will appear in the conference program and proceedings.

Workshop proposals of 500-750 words (without references) should include:
1.   Workshop title
2.   Aims or objectives
3.   Theoretical background and content
4.  Two sample activities (describe briefly what you are going to do) 5.   Implications for music education practice
6.  Literature/references
7. A list of titles, dates, venues, and number of attendees of the workshops that you have presented in the past few years.

Each Symposium will be led by a symposium convenor (panel chair). The convenor should submit the main abstract and individual abstracts on behalf of the panel presenters. The convenor must ensure that all participants are ISME members who have registered for accounts in the  Submission System prior to the submission. Any exceptions must be requested in advance of the submission. The symposium convenor must supply all information using the required submission form. In addition, the symposium convenor must submit the following supporting materials:  

A detailed proposal including:
1. A 300-word overview of  the  organized  session that includes the purpose, motivation, length, and justification for the session. This must not include the names  of  any  panellists, including the chair. The overview will appear in the conference program.

2.   A complete description of the format of the symposium, including timetable, and roles of  the
participants (but not by name).
3.   A 300-word abstract for each participant’s presentation, for publication in the conference
program – see instructions on the Submission System website. This must not include the name    
of the participants.

All authors whose abstracts have been accepted must present, by May 1, 2018, a full paper of 1800–3000 words for the inclusion in the Conference Proceedings. Details of the procedure and format for submitting papers will be provided upon notification of acceptance. Please note that papers will only be published in the refereed Conference Proceedings if authors wish them to be included. We envision a special journal publication as well with selected papers from the seminar. 


  1. The online submission system must be used for Commission Seminar and World Conference submissions. When submitting your proposal, please be sure to send it to the correct venue, i.e., ECME Seminar or ISME World Conference. This system will be available  to  ISME  members through the official ISME members' website. (If electronic submission is impossible, please contact the ISME International Office by November 15th, 2017).
  2. All submissions and presentations must be in English.
  3. Every presenter or co-presenter must be an individual ISME member at the time of  submission,   at the time of acceptance and at the time of  the presentation.
  4. Individuals must be registered on the Submission System. This includes co-presenters,  panellists, and speakers on symposia to be included in the published program.  Any  exceptions must be requested in advance of the submission.
  5. Once abstracts are accepted, full papers must be in the format of the Guidelines for Authors per ISME Website. Submissions not presented in the required formats will not be considered.

Deadline for submission to the 33nd ISME World Conference and Commission Seminars is midnight (your time), December 15, 2017. Late submissions will not be accepted. Applicants will be notified of the results of the review process for presentations on or before February 1, 2018.

The ECME Commission usually accepts only one submission per presenter. Presenters at the  ECME Seminar will be invited to also present their paper as a poster at the World Conference in Baku. Because ECME Seminar presentations will be reviewed by the Commission for inclusion in the Seminar, presentations will not go through another review by the World Conference committee, but will be taken on recommendation of the Commission Chair for the Poster Session.


For further information, please visit the ISME website at: http://isme2018.org/index.php or contact the ISME International Office at: submissions@isme.org  
You may also contact Patricia St. John, Ed. D., ECME Commission Chair at: pas163@tc.columbia.edu





ISME 2018 - 33rd World Conference of International Society for Music Education / 15-20 July 2018 / Baku / Azerbaijan