Special Music Events

TURKSOY Youth Choir

CONCERT - FROM ZEYBEK TO LONGA (Turkish Music Concert)

Gülçin Yahya KAÇAR ( Ud )
Murat CAN ( Kanun )
Selçuk ÖZTÜRK ( Klarnet, Bağlama )
Vasfi HATİPOĞLU ( Keman )
Mehmet GÖNÜL ( Bendir, Daire )

The group its general art directing is being performed by Prof. Dr. Gülçin Yahya KAÇAR will execute distinguished instrumental works of Turkish Music constituted from varied composers and forms with the concert of “From Zeybek to Longa”. It can be found breezes of classic, folkloric, mystic, and cheerful melodies in these magnificent melodies standing for many centuries in enormous geography of archaic music belonging to Anatolian culture with its millenarian history. This repertoire Composed of Turkish Music’s various melodies, rhythms and maqams will make people feel sad and feel exciting at the same time.

The group that will give the concert is comprised of expert performers who give various concerts and recitals at an international level and have academic studies in scientific area. Pieces in the repertoire are composed of pieces that can be executed by oud, clarinet, baglama, violin, qanun and rhythm instruments by suiting Turkish Music style and these pieces are composed of musical scores allowing to performers to show their interpretation ability, also these pieces allow performers to show of their instruments’ different resonances and technical features.


  1. Nikriz Zeybek / Tanbûrî Cemil Bey  ( 1873-1916)
  2. Hicaz İzmir Zeybeği / Anonim
  3. Sultânıyegâh Sirto / Refik Fersan  ( 1893-1965 )
  4. Hüseynî Oyun Havası / Hüseyin Sadettin Arel  ( 1880-1955)
  5. Gülizâr Mandıra / Gülçin Yahya Kaçar  ( 1966- ? )
  6. Ferahfezâ Longa / Mutlu Torun  ( 1942- ? )
  7. Şehnaz Longa / Santurî Ethem Efendi  ( 1855-1926 )


Prof.Dr. Gülçin YAHYA KAÇAR

Ud (Lutist), Compositor, Academician. Graduated from Gazi Univercitiy Music Education Department. in 1988. Assistant Professor in 2002 and the Professor title in year 2004. Intensified her academic studies in the direction of devising and utilizing methodical and  systematic approach to teaching ud. To this end, published the following eight books; Ud Metod, Ud Exercises, Yorgo Bacanos’un Ud Taksîmleri (Yorgo Bacanos’s Ud Improvisations), Türk Müziği Çocuk Şarkıları(Turkish Music Chıldren Songs), Türk Mûsikîsi Rehberi (Turkish Music Guide), Türk Mûsikîsi Üzerine Görüşler ( Analiz ve Yorumlar), Gülzâr-ı Mûsikî (Tras: Prof. Dr. Gülçin Yahya Kaçar), Klâsik Türk Mûsikîsi Güftelerinde Osmanlıca Kelime ve Terkîbler. Attended and participated in national and international festivals and activities. Received invitations to radio and television programs. Performed recitals and gave lectures. Participated in Workshops. Represented Turkey outside of Turkey, such as , Morocco, Rabat; Bahreyn, Sweden, Syria, Damascus, Makedonia, Kosova, Korean, Azerbaijan, Belgium. Gülçin YAHYA KAÇAR with a large repertoire performs works from a variety of composers from different periods in her recitals. She was the first ud artist to perform Mozart’s piano concerto along with a symphony orchestra. In addition, she is involved in composition to develop Turkish Instrumental Music. Received two separate awards for the Muhayyer Sünbüle Karabatak Peşrevi and Hisar Medhal works’ at a compozition contest organized by the Ministry of Culture in 2005. She has three published CDs; The one named World Music Collection ( Dünya Müzikleri Koleksiyonu) in 1990 in France, the one named Works of Cinuçen Tanrıkorur (Cinuçen Tanrıkorur Eserleri )in 2000 and the last one My Dreams (Hayallerim) in 2002. In 2013, Buhûrizâde Mustafa Itrî was the General Art Director and Oud executive of  Abdülkâdir-i Merâgi CDs in 2014. She was established Gazi University Turkish Music State conservatory in 2010. Gülçin YAHYA KAÇAR, who director  in Gazi University Turkish Music  State Conservatory  (2010-2016) .She compositions has 212 pieces.   

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet GONUL

He was born in 1973 in Konya.
He completed his primary and high school education in Konya.
He graduated with a degree from The part of Music Education that the Faculty of Education of Selcuk Univerity.
Between 1998 and 2011, He served as teaching staff at Turkish Religious Music Department of the Faculty of Theology in S. U.
In 2004, He completed S.Ü. In the Institute of Social Sciences, in consultation of Prof. Dr. Fevzi GUNUC completed his graduate.
In 2010, He completed S.Ü. In the Institute of Educational Sciences, in consultation of Prof. Dr. Gülçin YAHYA KACAR completed his Ph.D.
Between the years 1997-2010, he participated in many international festivals and concerts in Turkey and abroad, as an art director with oud, tanbur, rhythm instrument and voice.
In addition, He Joined many festivals and concert programs both at home and abroad with Prof. Dr. Gülçin YAHYA KACAR’s artistic direction.
As of 05.09.2011, he was appointed as a lecturer of Gazi University, Turkish Music Conservatory, Department of Instrument Education (Ud).
Currently, he is a lecturer at the Gazi University, Turkish Music Conservatory, Instrument Education Department and continues his lectures and counseling at Bachelor, Master and Doctorate levels.

Assoc. Prof. Vasfi HATİPOĞLU

Vasfi Hatipoğlu was born in Bulgaria in 1984. He completed his primary and elementary education in Corlu. He graduated from Edirne High School of Fine Arts in 2002 having passed the school’s proficiency exam. During this time, he practiced classical western music in the area of violin training with Prof. Ayhan TURAN, Assoc. Prof. Zuhra MANSUROVA and Assist. Prof. Teyfik ASLANOV. After passing the proficiency exam of the Music Education Programme in the Department of Fine Arts Education at Bursa Uludag University in 2002, he graduated as the best student of the department in 2006. During this period he intensified his works on Turkish Classical Music and performed with prominent musicians such as Baki Kemancı and Demir Karabaş. He began studying for a master’s degree in the in 2006 and graduated in 2009. He continued his works on Turkish Classical Music by performing with Halil Karaduman and Emrullah Şengüller. Vasfi Hatipoglu began studying for a doctoral degree in 2009.  He is continuing to work on performance analysis and music performance methods in the area of Turkish Classical Music under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Gülçin Yahya Kaçar. He attended the albüm works entitled “Yûnus Okur Diller İle…” and “Abdülkâdir Merâgî Besteleri” as a violin artist. He gave veriosu violin recitals consisting of the instrumental works of “Refik Fersan” “Sirtolar ve Longalar”, “Tanburi Cemil Bey Saz Eserleri” at Uludağ University. His book entitled “Beylik Aranağme ve Çeşitlemeleriyle Türk Müziği Keman Alıştırmaları” was published in the year of 2017. In 2013, he was appointed as an assistant professor doctor to the Instrument Education Department (violin) of Turkish Music State Conservatory at Gazi University.

Selçuk ÖZTÜRK (Ph. D.)

He was born in Soma in 1985. After completing his primary, middle and high school education, he won the Uludağ University Music Education Department in 2003. During his education, he worked clarinet with Bursa Symphony Orchestra Artist Aylin Ensoy. During his student days, he undertook the chief of the Turkish Folk Music Choir of Bursa Yıldırım Municipality. One year after completing his undergraduate education in 2007, he completed military service in Ankara Harmony Military Command. He worked as an instructor in Trakya University Music Education Department during 2009-2010 academic year. In 2010, he obtained his master's degree in Atatürk University Social Sciences Institute Musicology Department. Then, in 2012, Gazi University Institute of Fine Arts Turkish Music Department started his doctoral studies in Professor. Dr. Gülçin Yahya Kaçar and obtained Ph. D. degree in 2016. He worked as a research assistant in the Department of Music Education at Ağrı İbrahim Çeçen University between 2010-2012. As of 2012, he continues to work as a lecturer at Gazi University Turkish Music State Conservatory in the field of Clarinet Education, Turkish Music Repertory and Turkish Music History. He is married and father of two children.

Lecturer Murat CAN

He was born in 1979 in Konya. He completed primary and secondary education here. He finished Konya Selçuk University Music Teacher Department first degree in 2001. At the same year, he started master degree. He was assigned as a research asistant to his graduated school at 2002. He finished master degree at 2004. He took part at a lot of concert activity in turkey or foreign countries as kanun player. He was assigned as a lecturer at te same school at 2012. He is stil continuing doctorate education.

CONCERT - "Kanun-Tanbur Dinletisi"

Tanbur: Prof. Dr. Hanefi Özbek 
Yrd. Doc. Dr. Volkan Gidiş 

Dr. Hanefi Ozbek

He was born in Sivas in 1965. He completed primary and secondary education, in Sivas, Germany, and Izmir. In 1991, he graduated from Ege University Faculty of Medicine. He took part in the organization of Music Department at Faculty of Education in Yuzuncu Yil University and Van Turkish Music Association. He recieved his Pharmacology and Toxicology PhD degree and Doctor of Science title in 1998 and he was appointed as an assistant professor to the Yuzuncu Yil University Faculty of Medicine Department of Pharmacology in the same year. In 2008, he was appointed as Deputy General Manager of Pharmaceuticals and Pharmacy at Ministry of Health. In 2011 he received the title of associate professor at Medical Pharmacology. In 2012, he was appointed as Vice President of Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency at Ministry of Health, In the same year, he was transferred to Istanbul Medipol University Faculty of Medicine Department of Pharmacology as a faculty member. In 2016 he was appointed professor at Medical Pharmacology.

He took responsibility in foundation of the School of Fine Arts Design and Architecture and is still maintains as the dean of that faculty.

Interests are pharmacology, music theory, statistics and computer languages. Dr. Ozbek is married and has two children.

Volkan Gidiş

Volkan GİDİŞ was born in İzmir. He had continued his education in this city until he graduated from high school. He drew inspiration from İzmir Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) performers and Ege University academicians like Nural ÜNSAL BİRTEK, Sami BÜYÜKÖZTEKİR and Akın ÖZKAN. He started his qanun education with Mehmet DÖNMEZ, a qanun performer of TRT İzmir Radio.

He got into İstanbul Technical University, Turkish Music State Conservatory, Composition department in 2002. Due to an invitation he froze his registration and went to Stockholm to study and present qanun and Turkish Music in Sweden. After 2 years he came back to Turkey and studied with Prof. Dr. Selahattin İÇLİ, Prof. Dr. Aleaddin YAVAŞÇA,  Dr. Nail YAVUZOĞLU, Teaching Assistants Feridun ÖNEY, Ali ERAL, Nurlu ERAL, Kamil ÖZLER, Ayhan GUNCA and Mehru ENSARİ. He graduated from university in 2010.

He completed his short term military duty in 2010. He took his master’s degree in Haliç University, Social Sciences Institute, Turkish Music department in 2011 and his supervisor was Teaching Assistant Feridun ÖNEY. He started his career in Haliç University as a teaching assistant and qanun trainer in 2011. He graduated from Haliç University, Social Sciences Institute, Turkish Music Department proficiency in art programme in 2015 and his supervisor was Prof. Dr. Erol DERAN. He started teaching in Düzce University Art Designing and Architecture Faculty as an assistant professor/ qanun teacher in 2016.

He still continues to work on composing music parallel to his qanun performances.


Solist: Serda TÜRKEL OTER
Kânun: Kibele ÇİFTCİ
Klâsik Kemençe: Beste ESEN BİÇER
Ud: Tolga OTER


  1. Uşşâk Kâr (Abdülkâdir Merâgî)
  2. Büzürg Murabba Beste (Sâdık Ağa)
  3. Nikriz Beste (Hâfız Rifat Efendi)
  4. Neveser Ağır Semâî (Kömürcüzâde Hâfız Mehmed Efendi)
  5. Nühüft Yürük Semâî (Ebûbekir Ağa)


Serda Türkel Oter

She was born in Samsun in 1979. She studied priemary school in Niğde, middle and high school in Manavgat/Antalya. She won Selçuk University State Conservatuary in 1997 and graduated from there in 2002. Immediately after graduation for a period of two years, she worked in Dicle University as a lecturer. Over the same period, she worked, however, at TRT Diyarbakır Radio as a vocal artist. From 2003 to 2005, she studied master at Institute of Social Sciences at Fırat University in Elazığ. In 2007, she began to study doctorate at Social Sciences at Ankara University in Ankara. She began to work as a lecturer at Conservatuary of Selçuk University in 2008. In 2011 she graduated doctorate and the same year she has begin to work as a Proffessor Assistant and as a head of Vocal Education Department at Gazi University. In 2016, he obtained his Ph.D. program at Gazi University Fine Arts Institute Turkish Music Department. In 2016, he received an invitation as a visiting scholar from the University of California at Los Angeles for six months and attended Ph.D. courses on Ethnomusicology and Middle Eastern Music. She performed in many concerts at different regions of Turkey and other countries as a Vocal. Serda Türkel Oter still have worked as a Associate Professor at the same department since 2014.

Kibele Kıvılcım Çiftçi

She was born in 1979 in Ankara. After completing primary, secondary and high school education in Ankara, she started to Konya Selçuk University State Conservatory in 1996. After graduating from conservatory in 2001, she started to work as a lecturer at the State Conservatory of Elazığ Fırat University in the same year. After working here for 5 years, she transferred to Selçuk University State Conservatory in 2006 with a horizontal transfer. She completed her master education in Selçuk University in 2008 in 2010. In 2011, she started her doctoral studies at Necmettin Erbakan University Fine Arts Education Department and graduated with a doctorate in 2014. The artistic activities of Kibele Çiftçi, who has been played as a "Quanun" performer in many concerts both in Turkey and abroad, continues in this area.

Beste Esen Biçer

Beste Esen Biçer was born in Istanbul in 1978. She obtained her bachelor degree in general studies from Istanbul Technical University, Turkish Music State Conservatory Enstrumant Education Depertmant with Classical Kemence. Her master is from Sakarya University, Turkish Music State Conservatory Department of Folklore and Musicology. Her Proficiency is in art from Süleyman Demirel University, departmant of Art and Design faculty. She gave many concerts to different regions of Turkey and other countries with her Classical Kemence. She worked as a “Classical Kemence” lecturer at Suleyman Demirel University department of musicology between 2000 and 2010. She has been teaching at Gazi University as the same major since 2010.

Tolga Oter

He was born in Ankara in 1977. He completed his primary and elementary education in Ankara. He graduated from State Conservatory of the Selçuk University in 2002. Between 2002 and 2003, He worked as a lecturer at the State Conservatory of the Dicle University. Over the same period he worked as a ‘’ud’’ performer at TRT Diyarbakır Radio. He started as a lecturer at Selçuk University State Conservatory where he graduated in 2003. In 2007, he obtained his master's degree in Selçuk University Institute of Social Sciences Turkish Art Music Master program. In 2011, he was assigned as a lecturer to Gazi University Turkish Music Conservatory Vocal Education Department. In 2016, he obtained his Ph.D. program at Gazi University Fine Arts Institute Turkish Music Department. In the same year, he received an invitation from the University of California at Los Angeles for six months and attended Ph.D. courses on Ethnomusicology and Middle Eastern Music. Tolga OTER, who has been permormed as a ‘’ud’’ performer in various concerts both in Turkey and abroad, still continues his academic studies at Gazi University Turkish Music Conservatory Vocal Education Department.



  1. Eylül Sonu-İlhan Baran
  2. Kara Tren-Cenan Akın
  3. Dağlar-Necil Kazım Akses
  4. Oyunlar-Ümit Eroğlu
  5. Tek Kapıdan-Ertuğrul Bayraktar
  6. Bir Dalda İki Elma-Muammer Sun
  7. Söz-Karapatoso
  8. Gelevera Deresi-Düz.Ethem Demir
  9. Ay Doğar Giresundan-Ahmet Adnan Saygun
  10. Yavuz Geliyor-Ahmet Adnan Saygun

Alegria Chamber Choir was founded in July 2000 by a group of amateur music enthusiasts from different professions under the guidance of its founding Musical Director M. İnci Tığlı Ayağ. The choir has been extending his repertoire and performing as Ankara University Alegria Choir since 2016 September.

The purpose of Alegria is to introduce to large audiences the world’s choir repertoire from different periods and regions. Alegria has now about 40 members divided into four voices and performs music dating from the Renaissance to Contemporary in all styles such as sacred and folk. Along with the polyphonic arrangements of Turkish musical pieces, many songs in various languages have found their place in Alegria’s extensive repertoire.

The vision of Alegria in Turkey is to reach a wide spectrum of music-lovers. Internationally, its vision can be summarized as introducing and representing Turkey and the Turkish culture to the world, and establishing strong and long-term partnerships with organizations in the European Union for healthy and fruitful cultural exchange.

Acapella choral music has been the mainstream of the choir since its establishment. The choir has continued its musical journey in some other forms of musical projects, though. These are:   

  • Voice of Anatolia, a project which Turkish songs were performed by an orchestra composed of classical European music and also ethnic instruments
  • “ 2 choirs, 2 cities, 2 concerts” with the title of “Mate Choirs” in 2009
  • Legendary Oratorio of Çanakkale Heroes, together with Hacettepe University State Conservatoire Undergraduate Choir and Turkish Armed Forces Brass Band and State Youth Choir on November 10, 2015.
  • Martyr Memorial Day and Oratorio of 101st Year of Çanakkale Victory by Metin Tufan together with Ankara State Opera and Bale Choir and Turkish Armed Forces Brass Band and State Youth Choir on March 2016.

The national and international festivals and competitions that the choir has attended so far are as follows:

  • 29th Rassegna Internazionale Corali Polifoniche Festival, Italy
  •  2007 ve 2008 Ohrid Choir Festivals, Macedonia
  • 2012 International Society of Music Education Conference in Thessaloniki, Greece,
  • 2012 Hannover, Germany: “Anatolia: Tones, Ballads, and Stories”, an independent project that highlights the folkloric inheritance of Turkey with its music and dances
  • 2014 European Choir Games, Gratz, Austria
  •  2014 International Ohrid Choir Festival and Competition (2nd place in folkloric category and Special Prize of Tomislav Foundation ) Macedonia
  • 2015 Paris Music Festival, France 
  • 2016 International Northern Cyprus Choirs Festival
  • 2016 2. Poliphonic Choirs Festival, İzmir (Award on Achievement of Program Variety and Range)
  • 2017 SANSEV International Choirs Festival
  • 2017 Çanakkale Choirs Festival


ISME 2018 - 33rd World Conference of International Society for Music Education / 15-20 July 2018 / Baku / Azerbaijan